If you love the African Print Fabric and you love the little child growing up around you, you will absolutely love every design from TIJO Kids.

After some time trying to have a baby, my little angel was born; we named her Nesochi Nicole. Nesochi is an Eastern Nigerian name meaning a follower of God while Nicole is an English name that means a victorious people.
Neso literally brightened up my world, and added a new dynamic to our budding family. I wanted to dress her up, to make her look fabulous, and to create special memories for her through unique looks and styles so she could look back and know how treasured she was and always will be.
In trying to create these one-of-a-kind looks for her, I realized that the fabrics were hard to find, the already made wears were not to my taste either, and sometimes, by the time I got the outfit, Neso had outgrown them. I often had to resort to making custom orders with my design specifications to tailors in Africa who had free access to the fabrics I wanted. With my baby growing so quickly and precious time flying by, I had to take the bull by the horns and that was how TIJO Kids was born. My dream is to create ready-to-wear pieces for kids. But it really helps that I have a love for anything printsy like Ankara, Dashiki, Kente etc.

You may ask “Well what does TIJO mean”? “Why a house?” Well TIJO is actually an acronym! Yep. An acronym. It stands for Thrilling. Inspiring. Joyful. Original.

These are the feelings Little Neso inspires in me every day and this is what we strive to bring to you through our carefully hand-picked fabrics selected by trusted hands from different sources and made in the highest quality. Our fabrics are 100% cotton and are hand-made with love for children to wear and enjoy.

We are a House because we are more than a shop or a business; we are a family. A family of people who are bound together by our love for children and our need to give them the very best, and to create awesome memories for them as well through the use of print apparel!

You wonʼt find our fabrics in your everyday market. Our vision and our mission drive us to carefully choose each material and style to bring a smile to your face and to everyone who sees your little tot. Let us help you create those memories that you and the child(ren) in your life deserve! Come join us in the house and shop our different deluxe lines and editions. Make your kid a TIJO kid. Trust me, you will be glad you did!!

Welcome to House of TIJO!

Thank you,

Ufuoma Valentine
Founder & Print Ninja!


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